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If you are interested in becoming a member of Brecon golf club we have a number of different very competitive options. Membership rates for 2018-19

Full membership £380

Distance membership - £280 (30+ miles)

Over 80’s membership - £270

Under 25’s membership - £190***

Junior (under 18) - £50

Junior (under 13) - £25

***Existing members at 31.12.2017, with a Date of Birth between 31/3/1988 and 31/3/1993 shall retain the right to pay at the lower rate

Locker rental - £25 pa men, £5 pa ladies

Trolley shed - £12 pa

If you are considering golf but are concerned about the commitment, we can offer you a trial period at a reduced cost. At Brecon we realise that golf is a difficult and sometimes expensive game to get started in, therefore, we can tailor a package to suit your needs.

- All equipment can be provided for a loan period, subject to availability

- We will provide an introduction to the game and a mentoring period for beginners.

For further information including latest fees/offers and membership forms please contact our treasurer